Initially, I began using Lee filters, primarily for long exposure photography. Although they were expensive, the quality was impressive. However, I encountered an issue with the 10 stop filter as it would tint my images in blue, despite correcting the white balance in Lightroom. I was dissatisfied and decided to explore other options, which led me to discover that many professional photographers were using Haida filters. I invested in a filter holder and various filters and was pleased with the outcome, but I still found the holder and filters to be bulky and time-consuming to attach to my lens. (this is the time when, often in a hurry,  you want to focus on taking your pictures, not screwing material to your lens.
As a result, I decided to try the magnetic filter systems, although I was skeptical about whether it would suffice since adding more than two filters would create vignetting. I experimented with the K&F system and was pleasantly surprised. It was speedy, efficient, and allowed me to attach filters effortlessly. Although I experienced some vignetting when using more than two filters at 16mm, shooting at 20mm resolved the issue. Consequently, I intend to continue using the K&F system for the foreseeable future. I have two trips planned this year, one to Madeira and the other to the western United States (Utah, Nevada, Arizona). These trips will provide an opportunity to test the filters in real-world situations.

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