Because we were supposed to leave in September 2020, we had planned this trip in December 2019. As you may have gathered, we did not go on this road trip in 2020 but waited until 2023 to cross Utah and Arizona. So, we started and finished our journey in Las Vegas, crossing Zion Park, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands. We visited Page and the Lake Powell, the Vermilion Cliffs, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon and we enjoyed every moment of this incredible adventure.
What can be said about the multiplicity and verticality of the cliffs, so closely spaced? They appear drawn with chalk, with their grooves of gold, black, white, and red, all engraved on this "Navarro sandstone," so red and fragile, as rough as gymnasts' magnesium. Some, indeed, quite daring, venture to climb these walls.
The picture with the river are the Narrows. The Narrows is one of the most iconic and stunning features of Zion National Park in Utah, USA. It is a section of the Zion Canyon where the Virgin River has carved a deep and narrow gorge through the towering sandstone walls.
One can stop at the viewpoints and admire the landscape from the heights. However, at sunrise, where the lights have, in my heart, an equal only to those of the far north, descending into the amphitheater, you can access these galleries of hoodoos, turned towards the sky, shaped by ice, water, and wind through the ages. The first light of morning bestows upon them both poetry and splendor; a great inspiration, and one embarks on hiking trails that descend, meander, and then ascend. Three hours of walking, a few kilometers, the scent of pine warming in the less early hours, and a significant elevation gain.
Henceforth, Bryce Canyon holds the third place on my list of favorite places on this planet, alongside the Arctic Norway and the highlands of Iceland.
We are at Capitol Reef, the American Southwest in all its splendor, but with the current rains, accessing the scenic drive is impossible. So, we wander around, and suddenly, at the end of the rocky path, a planetary shift... a time-space transfer, we are on Mars, or perhaps it's the Moon that has landed on Earth and left a piece of itself before departing. It's the Moonscape Overlook Point. The view is staggering, and the terrain is treacherous.
Lake Powell, even artificial, possesses the beauty of wild nature that one can only grasp with perseverance. From the sky, our eyes pause for a moment on these incredible rock formations, mesas, and other canyons in the warm morning light. The flight is sumptuous and too short. We leave these rock walls, sculpted by erosion for millennia, with the cheerful spirit of the American Aviation pilot. It was very beautiful, thank you.
Even before the arches, the view is splendid as the rock formations are unique and spectacular—intriguing, like these columns, towers, or monoliths. And then, there are the arches. Elegant, they diverge in size and shape, but all enchant in this reddish, magnificent setting.
Canyonlands National Park is a stunning and diverse national park located in southeastern Utah, USA, near Arches. Established on September 12, 1964, the park preserves a vast and rugged landscape carved by the Colorado River and its tributaries. It is known for its dramatic canyons, towering mesas, arches, spires, and other unique geological features.
Here are a few pictures taken from the sky out of a tourism plane.
Curiosity of the terrain, ruggedness of the ground, variety of colors—White Pocket is a unique place. (It is also now the background of the MacOS desktop.) Anchored in the Vermilion Cliffs, it takes time to reach, and unless camping or in a converted van, it's challenging to capture the beautiful lights of dawn or sunset. But even in broad daylight, this poetic place exudes something special. Here are some snapshot memories from our excursion to White Pocket.
Legendary place, "Monument Valley" did not disappoint us. Where the imposing stature of mesas leaves one speechless, the orange hues of the rocks and the warmth of the air soften the grandeur of the surroundings. The Navajos are attentive to tourists, and horses stroll them through this cinematic backdrop. We opted for a high clearance jeep tour to see more. We return delighted from our adventure.

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